On Skiing Without Snow

The neglect of sleep never fails to appear feasible until the following afternoon when the body begins to sputter and lag to reveal the falsity of that feasibility.  This is accompanied by any number of individual symptoms that differ from mind to mind and day to day—mine is a squatting pang behind my right eye […]

Last Movement

There come moments when a man questions the integrity of his senses for a certain incongruence that cannot be otherwise understood unless the senses are at least momentarily interrogated.  I sit in a restaurant that’s all but empty despite the talented yet evidently humble aged man on the piano—if I had not come across one […]

First Day

Could it be that the writer in creating his characters, imbues them with aspects of himself that he is not even yet aware of?  Perhaps in writing of these unconscious aspects, they are aroused from their slumber to become as pertinent in him to himself as they are in his characters.  Of the nameless man […]


It is said that Deucalion and Pyrrha created men by throwing stones over their heads behind them.  It is not a difficult thing to believe when the lengths, however excessive, to which man goes for an understanding regarding the reason behind a phenomenon is considered.  Even I am tempted to believe in this legend if […]