Presidential Debate

I refuse to vote this year because I would rather laugh than decide between two infamous liars.  One is a narcissistic demagogue and the other is a seasoned war criminal–this has been proven as factual by their own actions and the documents that have spread as the plague through the internet, it is not only an opinion–but we are to choose one to lead this country.  It is truly disgraceful, laughing material for those who can and cannot vote alike, and I would be ashamed to participate.

As I watched the debate, I made a genuine effort to develop a preference for one, but to no avail.  One would address a significant issue only for the other to mention something that reveals the hypocrisy in calling for their solution.  To give an example: Donald Trump, whose blatant and smug praise for himself was as contemptible as it was vile to watch, claimed that among the many solutions he so proudly proposed was the drastic reduction of taxes imposed on businesses, that they might not be driven away so more jobs might become available to Americans.  Before the listener could take his proposal into consideration, his opponent mentions how convenient the tax break would be for his own company, and how odd for a man who has cheated thousands of their wages–a claim he was so bold not to deny but instead explain by saying their work was ‘unsatisfactory,’ thousands, ‘unsatisfactory’–would speak of the importance of bringing jobs to the public.

It is beyond comprehension that just this evident act of malice, this criminal act proven by documentation and testimonies does not expel him from the race.  Besides this he admitted to a willful neglect to pay federal taxes–to this the scum retorted that it was because he was ‘smart’–a crime that marks a man in this country a felon before committing him to prison, and lied in front of what I assume to be millions of viewers when confronted with a quote only to maintain that ‘he did not say that,’ and when pressed further still, changed the subject or tried to deflect attention to his opponent in the obnoxious, shameless manner of a spoiled child.  I am almost convinced that it is only to satisfy his insatiable ego that he is even attracted to the position.  But let this at least somewhat serve to present an idea of the other candidate, for it is nothing short of incredible that despite the utterly disgusting appeal of Donald Trump, I still cannot decide between him and Hillary Clinton.

This is a woman whose cunning is unmatched.  She has evidently been so hardened by decades of deception and doing all that is necessary to reach a position of power, that it is impossible to tell from her act alone the extent to which she is devious.  Her manner is homely, as would be expected of a compassionate grandmother, but her actions, which to her great dismay are exposed to us through the internet, betray her ruthless lust for wealth and power.  The precise degree of her influence over the destruction that has taken place in the Middle East over the last decade is not known to me, but it can be reasonably deduced as significant.  She speaks of eradicating the Islamic State extremists with a practiced determination that almost causes one to forget that without her, they would not exist as they do now, a formidable force instilling terror in countries that have been reduced to chaos in part due to her.

When she was asked about the thousands upon thousands of emails she had deleted, the cunning creature blinked her worn eyes and admitted that it was a mistake she would take back if possible, no doubt appealing to the ingrates who would be content to say ‘at least she’s honest!’  Could they be so blind to fail to see that this too is a lie; that it was no ‘mistake’ but intentional to conceal something, to cover one of the many leaks that threaten to reveal what she truly is by seeping the vile substance that sits where the devil left it in place of her soul?  But why not let it seep; her fandom would find some excuse for it at first before someone thinks up of a clever hashtag that receives praise and adoration.  I will admit that I find delightful the picture I see now of her laughing convulsively with her ingratiating crew as she cackles, ‘I told you it would work!’

Am I to vote for this?  Or perhaps for the other, whom I am convinced is doing this all just to see how far he can take it?  I will not even acknowledge the other parties, who fill their followers with the delusion of there being any consequence to voting for a third party as ‘a means to express discontent.’  How pitiful is the naivete of one who believes that the expression of discontent through so passive an act as voting is of any significance.  The only laughter more sickening than Hillary Clinton’s is that of the devil, which resounds and surrounds me, interrupted only by those three cold syllables that deliver themselves as a bitter scraping up and down and up and down my spine so all I can hear is, ‘BEHOLD, MAN!’

What has become of the glorious creation of God?  It is an inexpressible abomination that the country perceived as leader of the world in all aspects of society–a misconception weighs no less than convictions founded on actuality–be reduced to such a despicable state as this.  I am not so unreasonable as to cast any blame on the candidates themselves, but the American public, my fellow countrymen, who have allowed it to come to this.  It is either an imbecile or a victim of brain damage who would believe a person after they have lied once; it is an American who will believe a person after they have been exposed as a serial liar.  Because of this unbelievable credulity, this country is to be led by an individual who is morally unfit for society, let alone this position unparalleled in influence.

But I feel neither pity nor remorse, only disappointment for I expected more of the man of the twenty-first century.  How can it be; how is it possible that despite what history, religion, and philosophy tells us, we are still morally undifferentiated from the Romans who preceded us by two millennia?  It is obviously a morally bankrupted populace that is so easily moved to passions one would expect to find in savages; passions which allow the masses to excuse immorality in their leaders simply because they say what is pleasing to the ear.  They speak of the reformations our economy needs, the military and criminal justice system need, but they say nothing of the moral reformation our society needs if it is to survive; they speak of improving the lives of men but say nothing of their souls.  It is no wonder the devil laughs for even he could not have hoped for such a disgrace to befall man.


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